Agricultural Services

Hay Permits on County Right-of-Way

Rural residents are able to fill out a Hay Permit from Smoky Lake County allowing the haying of County right-of-ways. This permit is valid from June 15th to August 1st and must be submitted before June 1st of each year.

This application is submitted with no charge from the county. Filling out this permit will allow the Agricultural Services Department to coordinate their mowing and spraying programs in such a way that it will ensure the landowner has ample opportunity to cut the county ditch adjacent to their land before mowing or spraying commences.

For more information please contact the Smoky Lake County Agricultural Department at (780) 656-3730. Forms may be obtained online from the Smoky Lake County website and emailed or faxed into (780)656-3768, or are available at the County Office.

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Agricultural Service Board

ASB contact and department information

Carleigh McMullin, Agricultural Fieldman

Phone:(780) 650-5409


Amanda Shapka, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Phone: (780) 650-5444


Pest Control

Pest surveillance is a major concern in the County. Staff are constantly monitoring and dealing with issues.

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Rural Vegetation Control

All the roads in Smoky Lake County (927 miles) were mowed once with some priority roads receiving a second pass. For the 2015 mowing season we will be adding an additional mower and targeting the entire right of way, where ever possible. 217 miles of road were sprayed between blanket spraying, spot spraying of problem areas and Public Works projects. Common Tansy will be the main priority for the 2015 year, with a Tansy Reduction Plan being implemented. We will also be introducing an informative weed control campaign with information letters, increased weed inspections and roadside spraying for the 2015 season.

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