Environmental Operations

Environmental Operations 2019 Report

Our goal is to work towards maintaining tidy and accessible landfills, transfer stations, and mini transfer stations throughout the County. We are constantly researching feasible options for recycling. Currently we are in recycling programs for oil and oil containers, metals, propane bottles, paints, vehicle batteries, aerosol containers, herbicide and pesticide containers, tires and electronics.                   

We maintain our sewage systems and lagoons and provide convenient locations for raw water as well as the best potable water available. We are fortunate to have the regional water line complete throughout the Smoky Lake County. The regional line has been twined, and provides water to Ashmont, and our intention is to provide potable water to Whitefish Lake this Fall.   

The Environmental Operations Department is working towards providing and maintaining the best possible service for the county residents, and is dedicated towards meeting all environmental standards.  

Dave Franchuk
Environmental Operations Manager

Contact And Department Information

Dave Franchuk, Environmental Operations Manager

Phone: 780-650-1800

E-Mail: dfranchuk@smokylakecounty.ab.ca