Register of Historic Resources


Victoria District National Historic Site of Canada

Designated in 2001 by Ministerial Order of the Minister of Canadian Heritage under the Canada Historic Sites and Monuments Act, the Victoria District has long been a focal point of the Smoky Lake region. 

This achievement was thanks largely to the advocacy and hard work of the Victoria Home Guard Historical Society (VHGHS). 

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Métis Crossing, within the 
Victoria District National Historic Site 

Provincial Historic Resources:

Designated under Section 20 of the Alberta Historical Resources Act:

  • Victoria Settlement (Fort Victoria/Pakan): (File: Des. 713)
  • River lot 3, Victoria Settlement: (File: Des. 1879)
  • McDonald Stopping House: (File: Des. 1843)
  • Pakan Methodist Church: (File: Des. 2355)
  • Ukrainian Farmers' National Home of Taras Shevchenko: (File: Des. 2317)
  • Fort White Earth: (File: Des. 714)

For more information , please visit the Alberta Register of Historic Places.

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Victoria Settlement Provincial Historic Site

Municipal Historic Resources

Designated under Section 26 of the Alberta Historical Resources Act:

  • Stry Church; Bylaw 1201-09
  • Highland Hall (Barich Hall); Bylaw 1210-10
  • Holy Trinity Church; Bylaw 1221-11
  • Anderson House (House in the Middle of the Road); Bylaw 1244-12
  • Chahor Russo Orthodox Church; Bylaw 1262-14
  • Kulka House; Bylaw 1297-16
  • Bellis Firehall; Bylaw 1350-19
  • Freetrader's Cabin; Bylaw 1354-19
  • Ruthenia School; Bylaw 1369-20
Freetrader's Cabin
Municipal Historic Resource

Municipal Historic Area

Under Section 27 of the Alberta Historical Resources Act, Smoky Lake County has designated the Victoria Trail as a Municipal Historic Area (Bylaw 1370-20). 

This is only the second such designation anywhere in Alberta! 

The Victoria Trail formed a segment of the expansive Fort Edmonton - Fort Garry (Winnipeg) Trail (aka Saskatchewan or Carlton Trail), which was the main overland route of travel, often by Red River Cart, until the arrival of the railway in the 20th Century. Much of the Trail has been lost to time, however, the portions of Trail within Smoky Lake County which have been built into municipal road represents a significant historic resource. 

Use of this Trail was declared a 'National Historic Event' by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada (HSMBC).

Victoria Trail Municipal Historic Area by Steve Ricketts