Smoky Lake County Regional Heritage Board (SLCRHB)






Smoky Lake County Regional Heritage Board (Bylaw 1236-11)

The Smoky Lake County Regional Heritage Board (SLCRHB) has been created:

  1. To manage aspects of the survey, identification, evaluation, designation, preservation, restoration, planning, financing and development of the heritage of Smoky Lake County.
  2. To Advise Smoky Lake County Council on all policy and regulatory matters relating to the heritage and heritage resources of the County.
  3. To stimulate in the general public an appreciation and knowledge of heritage and heritage activities, and encourage, promote, and advocate for the preservation and safeguarding of the integrity of landscape heritage, ecological heritage, cultural heritage events, and build heritage in Smoky Lake County.

For more information on the Board's activities or to obtain information regarding Municipal Historic Resource Designation, please contact:


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