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E-Mail: dfranchuk@smokylakecounty.ab.ca

Phone: (780) 656-3730

Fax: (780) 656-3768

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Dave Franchuk

Environmental Operations Manager

Residential Service

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Truck Fills

There are six Raw Water Truck Fills available throughout the County.

A biological sample is collected from each site and tested on a weekly basis for coli-forms and e-coli. An annual chemical analysis is collected with results posted at each Truck Fill.

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Potable Water Fills


West of School and water treatment plant (credit card or a PIN may be set up if potable water consumption is over $20.00 per month). Treatment plant site (1 ½ KM west of Spedden) 35 gallons a minute. PIN account only .


Water Treatment Plant (accepts loonies)


South West of the Hamlet. PIN account only

Raw Water Truck Fill Locations

  • Spedden -- Water Treatment Plant (1½ km west of Spedden). Upon request an account could be set up and a key provided.
  • Vilna -- Water treatment plant. (Main Street )
  • Bellis -- South East of the Hamlet.
  • Smoky Lake -- Hwy 855 south side of Town.
  • Warspite -- Water Treatment Plant (follow truck route), east side of the Hamlet.
  • Waskatenau -- East of Village, across from St. Volodymyr Church, located on the corner of Rge Rd 193 & Twp Rd 592.

A credit card is required for all raw water truck fills, a PIN may be set up if monthly consumption is over $20.00.

Regional Water Line

Smoky Lake County worked with the Town of Smoky Lake, the Villages of Waskatenau and Vilna, as well as the Thorhild County to form a Regional Waterline Commission. The Regional Water Line is now serving all the municipalities within the Smoky Lake County, all the systems are complete, we are just tending to some minor warranty issues. The Smoky Lake County is now the managing / operating partner of the regional water line, currently we are operating the system within our county.