County Profile

Welcome To Smoky Lake County!

Smoky Lake County

Located just over an hour (120 km / 75 miles) northeast of Edmonton in Alberta's Lakeland, our progressive County of 2,517* residents features great opportunities for affordable country living, recreation, agriculture and development. There are a large number of lakes and natural areas attractive to vacationers and wildlife enthusiasts, and a 50 mile stretch of the north shore the North Saskatchewan River that is virtually undeveloped. We welcome newcomers, visitors and investors to explore the opportunities Smoky Lake County provides. 

*County’s calculated population for Year-2021 is 2,517, as a result of using the same methodology used by Municipal Affairs, based on the Statistics Canada’s 2021 Census. 

Quality of Life

People who call Smoky Lake County home often include a passion for the outdoors, a tranquil and safe community that appeals to all ages. The County offers the best of all of these. With our majestic lakes and outdoors combined with progressive community spirit, we provide a genuine small-town feel with all the reassuring qualities that implies – a sense of community, neighbours who care, and with modern amenities close by. Not surprisingly growing families, young professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and active adults are drawn to our panoramic location, scenic trails, championship golf courses and recreational activities.

Community Vision

Smoky Lake County is a community which recognizes the importance of conserving and enhancing its character, the roots from which it grew, preserving the natural environment in which it resides; a caring community which offers its residents an environment in which to seek a high quality of life; a balanced community with a diverse range of housing, employment, educational, shopping and recreational opportunities; and a vital community which provides financial and social support for quality of life programs.