Welcome To Smoky Lake!

Located just over an hour northeast of Edmonton in Alberta's Lakeland, our progressive county of over 5000 residents features great opportunities for development, recreation, agriculture and affordable country living. Smoky Lake County Council and its team of administration professionals look forward to introducing you to our region. We hope you find what you're looking for on our website and encourage you to contact us should you have any questions or comments.

2014-2016 Financial Plan

Download 2014-2016 Financial Plan

2014-2016 Financial Plan

Bylaw 1269-14 and 1275-15 V3.0

Public Notice:

(new proposed Multi-Lot Subdivision)

Bonnie Lake Outline Plan

NEW Water and Sewer Rates

Effective July 1st, 2014

Download Water & Sewer Rates – NEW

Public Information: Change To Haul Road Agreement Policy 03-14

Smoky Lake County Council amended the Haul Road Agreement on June 26, 2013 specific to “Conditions for Permission”. For more information go here.

Wireless Hi Speed Internet

CCI Wireless Inc is now signing up customers for their new 4G wireless network. For a coverage map download the Information Package For more information or installation call CCI Wireless 1-888-240-2224.

Iron Horse Trail

Experience walking, wagon and cycling adventures as well as snowmobile, ATV and horseback riding on the Iron Horse Trail!

The Iron Horse Trail is a most remarkable multi-use recreational corridor, taking its name from its former use as a railroad. Because this corridor has been in existence since the beginning of the twentieth century, the ecology of the Trail is relatively untouched.

The Trail runs through mixed wood forest, farmland, crosses streams and rivers, and skirts lakes. The user of the Trail will find a total of eighteen railroad trestles, those marvels of engineering that have stood the test of time.
Watch video of trail.

Video 1

Snowmobile and ATV Reminders

Please be advised that snowmobiles and ATVs are to keep to designated routes and avoid trespassing on private property.


2015-2019 Recreational Area Facility Supervision and Cleaning Services

Download RFP_County_Lakes_2015-2019


Public Notice

2014 Public Notice


Clubroot / Fusarium Inspections

Smoky Lake Agricultural Service Department will be starting their annual crop disease surveys. They will be surveying for the disease Clubroot that affects canola, as well as taking stubble samples in wheat to survey for Fusarium. The Fieldman doing the surveying will be following strict sanitary protocols. If you have any question please do not hesitate to call the Agricultural Service Department at (780) 656-3730.


Smoky Lake County 2013 Year-End Financial Statements

The audited Smoky Lake County Consolidated Financial Statement and the Smoky Lake County Gas Utility Financial Statement are available for pick-up at the County Office front counter or may be downloaded from the following links:

Smoky Lake County Financial Statement 2013

Smoky Lake County Gas Financial Statement 2013

Play Safe! Be Safe!

Smoky Lake Fire Department has completed the training for play safe! be safe! and would like to bring this program into the community. play safe! be safe!® is a multimedia fire safety education kit designed specifically for children ages 3 to 8 and provides early childhood educators with an engaging set of tools to help teach fire safety to young children.

The program can be taught by the fire department, or teachers and/or day care providers can take the orientation program through the Fire Department and teach it themselves to children.

For more information please contact:
Hank Holowaychuk
Phone: 780-650-2040
Scott Franchuk
Phone: 780-656-3730.
Also visit www.playsafebesafe.com for all available materials.

Smoky Lake County Launches Webmap Site!

Smoky Lake County has launched WebMap, an on-line mapping program that was developed by Accurate Assessment Group Ltd. WebMap users will be able to see and customize digital maps of the County. WebMap can layer information such as boundaries, roads, land use information, towns and villages, and significant locations such as parks and cemeteries. The public can access WebMap from their personal computers through the County’s website, and locate their property and other information that is located in the County. The County was very careful to ensure that no private ownership information is on the site. The amount of information provided through WebMap is significant so first time users should take time to play with it and find its many benefits.
Log on to Webmap

Signs & Road Damage

If you see any damaged or missing roadway signs and / or damage to County roadways, please contact the Public Works Shop at 656-3755


County staff will maintain the responsibility of cutting the grass in the road right-of-ways. However, land owners or renters may cut the grass in County right-of-ways adjacent to their land. Persons wishing to cut in right-of-ways not adjacent to their own land must get written permission of the adjacent land owner prior to doing so.

Snow Clearing of Private Driveways

The County provides snow clearing services to Smoky Lake County residents. For more information go here.

Dust Control

Smoky Lake County is now accepting applications for 2013 Road Dust Control Suppression. Please see “Public Works” for more information and the new policy”. The deadline for applications is Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at 4:00:00 p.m

Urgent Action Needed

Any Residents or Businesses using security monitoring systems will have to update the emergency phone number contact information. Please notify your security company that the new emergency contact number is:1(780)826-2433

Any previous numbers registered with the previous call center will not work in the future. Please Note: 9-1-1 services will not be affected. This notice is ONLY for the individuals or companies that use electronic security monitoring companies. Any Question please Contact Scott Franchuk County Fire Chief at the Smoky Lake County Office @ 780-656-3730.

Important Notice 9-1-1 Service Change

Smoky Lake County and Municipalities within the Smoky Lake Region are changing 9-1-1 providers. Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority will now be providing 9-1-1 Call Answer and Emergency Dispatching Services.

No Fire Ban In Effect

There is currently no on information on county fire bans. For information on Provincial fire information on fire bans Go Here