Paddling Adventures

Smoky Lake County enjoys access to numerous lakes, and the North Saskatchewan River, each which are perfect for paddling adventures, boating, and water-based recreation.

Breaking Camp, Karen Albert Take Off, Linda TreleavenHwy 831, Steve Ricketts

River Access Locations/Descriptions 

  • Waskatenau Bridge Access (Hwy 831/Former Ferry Site): Undeveloped access, relatively easy 
  • Warspite Access (Former Ferry Site): Undeveloped access, relatively easy 
  • Metis Crossing Access: Undeveloped access, very easy 
  • Victoria/Pakan Boat Launch (Former Ferry Site): Improved Emergency Boat Launch installed, sometimes silted-in, relatively easy regardless  
  • Fort White Earth Access: Undeveloped, moderately difficult/steep 
  • Shandro Bridge (Hwy 857): Undeveloped access, extremely difficult 
  • Desjarlais Boat Launch (Former Ferry Crossing): Improved Emergency Boat Launch, relatively easy