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Smoky Lake County- Main Office  Smoky Lake County- Public Works Shop
4612  McDougall Drive
PO Box 310
Smoky Lake, AB T0A 3C0
Office: 780-656-3730
Fax: 780-656-3768
Toll Free in Alberta: 1-888-656-3730
5004-50 Street
PO Box 310
Smoky Lake, AB T0A 3C0
Office: 780-656-3755
Fax: 780-656-3743


Lydia Cielin,  Assistant Chief Administrative Officer 
Office: 780-656-3730   ext: 109
Cell: 780-650-1035

Department Managers

Agriculture Department
     Amanda Kihn, Acting Agricultural Fieldman
     Office: 780-656-3730   ext: 119
     Cell: 780-650-5444

Bylaw Enforcement
     Tate Murphy, Community Peace Officer
     Office: 780-656-3730  ext:121
     Cell: 780-650-5006

     Evonne Zukiwski, Communications Officer
     Office: 780-656-3730   ext: 118
     Cell: 780-650-5504

Environment and Parks 
     Dave Franchuk, Environment and Parks Manager
     Office: 780-656-3730   ext: 124
     Cell: 780-650-1800

Finance Department
     Brenda Adamson, Finance Manager
     Office: 780-656-3730   ext: 107
     Cell: 780-656-5883

Fire Protective Services
     Scott Franchuk, Fire Chief
     Office: 780-656-3730   ext: 117
     Cell: 780-650-5410

GIS/ Mapping
     Carole Dowhaniuk, GIS Operator
     Office: 780-656-3730   ext: 115
     Cell: 780-650-5104

Natural Gas Department
     Daniel Moric, Natural Gas Manager
     Office: 780-656-3730   ext: 125
     Cell: 780-656-5734

Planning and Development
     Jordan Ruegg, Planning & Development Manager
     Office: 780-656-3730   ext: 113
     Cell: 780-650-5207

Public Works
     Christopher Minailo, Public Works Manager
     Office: 780-656-3755   ext: 134
     Cell: 780-650-5701

     Bob Novosiwsky, Industry Liaison/ Road Foreman
     Office: 780-656-3730   ext: 120
     Cell: 780-650-5100