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Smoky Lake County Regional Heritage Board 

Established in 2011, the Smoky Lake Regional Heritage Board was created:

  1. To manage aspects of the survey, identification, evaluation, designation, preservation, restoration, planning, financing and development of the heritage of Smoky Lake County.
  2. To Advise Smoky Lake County Council on all policy and regulatory matters relating to the heritage and heritage resources of the County.
  3. To stimulate in the general public an appreciation and knowledge of heritage and heritage activities, and encourage, promote, and advocate for the preservation and safeguarding of the integrity of landscape heritage, ecological heritage, cultural heritage events, and build heritage in Smoky Lake County.
For more information on the Board's activities or to obtain information regarding Municipal Historic Resource Designation, please contact:

Victoria Home Guard Historical Society 

Re-established in 1997, the Victoria Home Guard Historical Society spearheaded the push which saw the Victoria District designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 2002. The Society continues to contribute to the ongoing preservation of the District, including the recent installation of numerous interpretive-informational signs along the Victoria Trail.

Our Mission: "To seek out, and to preserve and promote the history of the Victoria District for the benefit of present and future generations".

To this end, our projects have included the RCMP Memorial Sculpture, restoration of Victoria Park Cemetery and the Warspite Ferry site, as well as the Red River Cart Monument, the Welcome to Victoria District Sign and eight interpretive signs.

View the Victoria Home Guard Historical Society Brochure and Map HERE

Contact the VHGHS:
Box 28, Warspite, AB T0A 3N0

Don Klym at 780-656-2114
Email: eastklym@mcsnet.ca



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