Paddling Adventures

Smoky Lake County enjoys access to numerous lakes, and the North Saskatchewan River, each which are perfect for paddling adventures, boating, and water-based recreation.

Breaking Camp, Karen Albert 
Take Off, Linda Treleaven
Hwy 831, Steve Ricketts

River Access Locations/Descriptions 

  • Waskatenau Bridge Access (Hwy 831/Former Ferry Site): Undeveloped access, relatively easy 
  • Warspite Access (Former Ferry Site): Undeveloped access, relatively easy 
  • Metis Crossing Access: Undeveloped access, very easy 
  • Victoria/Pakan Boat Launch (Former Ferry Site): Improved Emergency Boat Launch installed, sometimes silted-in, relatively easy regardless  
  • Fort White Earth Access: Undeveloped, moderately difficult/steep 
  • Shandro Bridge (Hwy 857): Undeveloped access, extremely difficult 
  • Desjarlais Boat Launch (Former Ferry Crossing): Improved Emergency Boat Launch, relatively easy 
How to Stay Safe on the Water 
Beginner's Guide to Rec. Kayak Gear
River Hazards and Safety on the Water
Drinking and Boating Experiment
Paddlers, Protect Canada's Waters