Producers-At-Large Members

Agricultural Service Board Producer-At-Large


Smoky Lake County is seeking 3 residents of the County who are interested in sitting as a Producer-at-Large member on the Agricultural Service Board (ASB), in accordance with Policy Statement No. 62-19-03: Agricultural Service Board Producer-at-Large: Terms of Reference                

The Agricultural Service Board is appointed by Council and advises Council on how to best serve our agricultural producers. The ASB provides services and creates programs for our farmers through developing and evaluating agricultural policies and programs to meet the needs of the County and lobbying the provincial government through the ASB Resolutions process.

ASBs are responsible for implementing and enforcing legislative requirements under the Agricultural Service Board Act Agricultural Pests ActSoil Conservation ActWeed Control Act and assist in the provincial enforcement of the Animal Health Act

ASB’s work in their local communities to help manage weeds and pests, conserve soil and water, enhance and protect viable and sustainable agricultural practices, help with control of animal diseases, and develop municipal policies.  

Board Members
The five-member board will consist of two members of Council and three Producers-at-Large. Three members are currently required to fill vacant spaces on the ASB. Orientation will be provided for successful applicants to discuss position, responsibilities, and the role of Agricultural Service Board within Alberta.

Meetings will be held three times a year. Meetings are held during the day on weekdays, and producers will be compensated for meetings and expenses incurred while acting as a Board member at the rate set by Council resolution.

Appointments will be for a two-year term, ending with the 2025 Municipal Election. Following the 2025 municipal election appointments will be for a four-year term.

Applicants should be actively farming and must be familiar with current agricultural practices and trends that affect producers in Smoky Lake County.

How to Apply
Schedule “A”:  Application For Producer-At-Large must be filled out and submitted. Applications will be accepted in person at the Smoky Lake County Main Office, by mail or email. A fillable PDF application form is available here.

In Person: Smoky Lake County Main Office    
                   4612 McDougall Drive, Smoky Lake AB        T0A 3C0

Mail: Smoky Lake County
         Box 310, Smoky Lake, AB     T0A3C0


Deadline to apply: June 12, 2023 

For more information please contact, Amanda Kihn, Acting Agricultural Fieldman at 780-656-3730